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i have two kittens that are about 7 or 8 months old. we have had them for about five months and they have used their litter box fine until the other day. we noticed that has gone several times in their bed (which they have never sleep in). the bed is not far from where the litter box is located so making it in time shouldn't be a problem. their poo seems clean and not bloody. this has only happened one other time about a week ago when one used the bathroom in the middle of our bed. we did use a different litter brand, but they have used this one before with no problem. also, if i need to take them to the vet for a poo sample, could you give me an average cost on that? thank you

cats use their feaces sometimes in the same way as their urine i.e as a scent marker. usually it is only used when something has really upset them and they need to mark their territory.

i would also say that it is not a good idea to have the litter tray so close to bedding. often this can confuse the cats as the smell of their waste in that area may encourage them to use other places nearby.

there are two reasons for this behaviour either physical illness or behavioural the trouble is it can sometimes be difficult to know which is which.

If there are no other signs of illness i would move the litter tray to its own area (cats often prefer their own litter tray too as the smell of the other cats can be seen as a threat, this can come out of the blue sometimes.

You may even want to do some litter retraining (as described at the bottom of this page

Unfortunately I am not able to tell you what your vet would cost for an examination as this can vary from place to place. telephone their receptionist to find out the cost of a consultation if you are worried about health issues with your kitten, they should be happy just to give you that information.

best wishes Kate#


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