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Cats/I have a mom cat that only moved half her litter??


I have a Mommy cat of her own kittens 3 about 5 weeks old..
and another Cat died after her kitties were born.. the same day..
I looked everywhere for them..couldn't find them..
Well I found them all together one day 6 in all..
Mommy adopted 3..
So  I have been feeding all 6 for a couple weeks now..the younger 3 are about 3-4 weeks old...
Kitten chow in milk...
I don't think she has enough milk for all 6...
When I fed them 3 times a day.. they all ran for the dish..
Tonight I went to feed them and only 3 were there..
and now I checked and only 2 are in the wood shop..
My concern is how do I feed them now they are split up or moved??
Is she just a stupid Mother cat or what??
Should I keep looking for them?? or what?
I think they are going hungry now.. I am worried..
         Thanks for any help...

well no i don't think this cat is stupid she may feel that she needs to keep them separate for some reason, perhaps the age difference has made her feel that she needs to keep them separate.

Mother cats will often move or hide their kittens to different places if they feel worried about their safety etc.

Unfortunately it is not always easy to find them, yes you could tray to find them but if not then all you can hope is that she is feeding the ones you can't find and is letting you feed the other three.

I hope all is well

best wishes kate


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