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My cat Bella gave birth to 2 kittens during the after noon she spent all day with them occasionaly leaving for food and water. Now she is leaving them for longer periods of time seeking attention from me, she keeps biting the kittens and im not sure wether she is trying to move them or eat them and it is really worrying as i want these kittens to live. The kittens are squealing when she is biting them she also seems to be biting them hard.

I have never heard of a cat trying to eat or kill kittens deliberately, so i am sure your cat is not trying to hurt these kittens. She may be unsure of how to handle them and is trying to grip onto their necks to move them. Kittens will squeal a lot at first again this is normal and not through pain. the scruff of the neck is designed to be grasp by the mother cat and so is not an area which is painful.

Your mother cat may be seeking reassurance from you if she feels a a little unsure of what to do with her kittens. Some cats need a little more help than others.

All you can really do for her is to give her lots of attention if she is seeking it from you but to let her find her own way with the kittens without too much interference from you. A gentle nudge from you now and again may be all that she needs.

I'm sure that my the time you read this reply the kittens will have started to feed from her and she will be settling down with her new family more.

I do have lots of pages about kitten care which has information about what kittens need which you may find of interest. here is the first page


If you feel that your mother cat is acting strangely in any way or if the kittens are not feeding, then i would recommend taking them all to the vets as soon as possible, just to make sure that there is nothing wrong.

best wishes Kate


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