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I had 2 cats ( a 6 yr old male and a 3 yr old female who was introduced to the male as a kitten). Due to a family situation she had to live with another family member until we could get her back. Homes were changed for everyone. We brought her back last weekend and we really thought the 2 would remember each other and get along like before. She is timid, shy and sweet. He has always not liked other cats around except for her. Now he gives a guttaral hiss toward her and she meows and turns away. We have them separated and try to give them safe time together- an open sliding door so they can sniff but hurt each other. He hisses and she runs away. Will they ever get along? Will they remember each other ever? thanks.

I don't think it is a case of not remembering each other, it's more likely a case of him trying to assert his authority i.e this is his home and she is an intruder and so if she is to stay she must let him be boss.

You are doing everything right i.e giving them safe introduction times, it may take a little while and they may always hiss at each other from time to time but this is normal.

I do have a web page about cat introductions which you may find of further interest here


Be patient and calm around them and hopefully in time things will settle down again into a sort of truce.

best wishes Kate


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