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I have a 7 month old kitten which I've had from 6 weeks and he's got a fantastic personality but there's a couple of issues that I need help with.
Firstly is eating, he'll only eat a certain brand of kitten food and we've tried everything to deter this, we've mixed small amounts of other brands in and he knows straight away and won't touch it, we've even tried feeding him later on so that he's a bit hungrier but he still won't eat it, this is going to cause a problem when we put him on adult food (which we've tried little bits of because he's such a hungry kitten) because he won't eat anything else.
And secondly is his temper, he's not the most cuddly of kittens anyway but just recently he'll come and have the most lovely snuggles in the morning when I wake up but after about 10 minutes of cuddles he starts getting nasty and really biting down and scratching he has been neutered in the hope that this would help but he's still very aggressive and this happens every time we try to stroke him although he's a lot more cuddly with me than my partner.
Any ideas because we've run out??

Many thanks for any help you can throw our way


with regard to the food. i have recently spoken to a vet about this issue myself and we both agree that cats get used to something over time and this is what has happened with your kitten. i would not worry too much at this stage, a cat to have a favouite type of food is fine. When it comes to giving him adult food, give him the same brand but the adult version. Now at first he may turn his nose up but he will eat it when he is hungry enough, do not crumble and don't worry you are not being cruel at all. It is likely that he will eat it within a day or two and thats fine 9as long as he has water available). i have been through this myself and it can take a few days but they will eat it when they are hungry enough and then get use to the new food. At this satge though I would not chnage his food.

As for the biting etc, it sounds to me like he is goes into game mode and this is what the biting is all about. he has not learnt that biting is not a game. the best way to teach him not to do this is to follow the discipline process of negative and positive reponses. So when he starts to bite, pick him up without a sound and put him on the floor, do this over and over again until he understands. this dicipline method is discussed further on my web page here


best wishes Kate


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