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I've just introduced a young male cat into a house where a male and female cat already live, both 8 years old. My new cat is very timid and my male 8year old is very aggressive towards him.  During the first week my new cat stayed in his own room, with his own food and litter.  We also swapped towels with each others scent on them. When new cat seemed settled, we then used a large open mesh cage and put the new cat in there, fed and played with each cat whilst all cats remained in the same room.  Things seemed to be going ok so we tried doing a face to face encounter.  My 8 year old male then flew at the new boy, who reacted by hissing and growling.  However, sometimes both cats have met (supervised) and haven't reacted to each other, but this is usually in the new cats room.  It seems that the older cat doesn't want new cat in his territory.  I've tried feliway diffusers and even Bach flower remedies.  Have you got any other suggestions for me to follow?  How long can this process take?

Hi well it sounds as if you are doing all the right things. But unfortunately at the end of the day there are no guarantees that your cats will ever become friends. Sometimes the best you can hope for is a sort of truce, but fights may always break out from time to time.

keep the process up for another week of so, it can take some time for any sort of confidence to be built up between the cats.

Often what happens is that the cats will sort out there own place in the home and with each other but this does normally involve fights and hissing etc until they find their place.

keep up the good work, i'm sure that given time things will settle down.

best wishes kate


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