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Cats/Introducing pug puppy to very territorial cat?


I have a 2 year old indoor cat who can be quite territorial and has never seen a dog in her life. She is definatly the boss of the house. Sometimes when we have small children over for an extended period of time she gets fed up with the commotion and after about a day she will just start to hiss at us when were even walking past her. But when it's just my husband and I she is all cuddles and purrs. She is definatly a unique little tortoiseshell and has a huge personality.

My issue is, we are getting a pug puppy in a few weeks, I will be getting her nails trimmed at the vets prior to the pups arrival however, I was wondering a few good ways to do the whole introduction of cat and puppy? I'm just very unsure about all the methods I've read about, I know I'm meant to keep the cat enclosed to give the puppy time to get used to his surroundings first. But I know that my cat will just get anxious and be on edge once she'd let out of the room which will not be good with the introduction. I just want both animals to be as relaxed as possible at such a stressful time.

Hopefully you can help :)

I have a web page about introducing cats to each other but the process is the same for a dog. Unfortunately it does require the animals to be separated for awhile until they get used to seeing each other etc. But this method generally makes the whole situation a lot happier for the future as they can build a trust up without the fear of confrontation.

here is my web page about the process, hope it can help.


best wishes Kate  


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