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Hello!  I moved in with my fiancee about 6 months ago.  The last month my 10 year old male cat has started scratching on the bed and sometimes the night stand on my side.  He does this throughout the night until I wake up.  I have chased him away, sprayed him and even given him a little "spanking" to show him that it's not nice.  He still continues to do this on a nightly basis and I am not getting any sleep.  I don't want my fiancee waking up because he has to work, I am unemployed.  But I am not sleeping because I don't want him ruining our stuff so I get up immediately when I hear him.  What can I do and what can be wrong with him?  He rarely did this sort of thing when I lived alone.

well this could be a combination of things causing this change in his behaviour. It could be age as he is getting older he is requiring more attention from you, this is common. It may also have something to do with not feeling as secure as he was with you on his own, after all he has a new environment to get used to as well as new smells and a boyfriend to compete with. These are all possible reasons for his attention seeking.

night time is the natural time cats are awake, My own two go mad at night and if I didn't keep them out of my bedroom i too would have no sleep.

So the decision is to put up with the new routine and get up and give him some attention / food etc (this is what my boyfriend did for many years with our old cat, but he wanted to do this as he didn't want to keep her out of the bedroom at night so he got used to the new routine (his choice). Or too try and create a new routine for your cat so that they do not feel the need to keep you up at nights. this routine should include a game with you about half an hour before bedtime, something that will help to tire him out. Then feed him just before bedtime. then over night keep him in a separate room with his litter tray, bed, fresh water and toys. It may take a little while but once he is used to the new routine he should be able to settle down and sleep through out the night. if he know he gets your attention before bedtime he will come to rely on that for his comfort and security, cats do like routine.

I hope you can sort something out as i know just how tiring it can get after a while.

best wishes Kate


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