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My kitten is a rescue he is 14 weeks old and plays in the yard but every time i open my front door he tries to escape, but the teritorial cats have been watching him would they kill him or harm him? and also there are dogs and puppy dogs on both sides how safe is my kitten or am i over protective? he is now starting to climb walls and jumping into naighbours gardens.i have also been feeding him adult cat food by mistake i have changed now to baby kitten food hope it didn't do any harm i would be pleased for advise thank you.

it is recommened that you keep your kitten insude for at least the first four weeks that you have him. this helps them to know where home is and want to return. i personally would not not let such a young kitten out just yet. i would wait until they are at least four or better five months old and that they have had their shots and have been neutered/spayed. this way when they do go out they are protected from illness etc.

the adult food would not have done any harm , the reason kitten food is best is because a kitten needs more of certain types of nutrients etc and so kitten food is specailly formulated for this.

As for whether or not he dogs will try to get him, well unfortuantely that is the risk we all take. i myself have just adopted two four month kittens and they will be going out in the garden on a leash for the first week (in a bout three weeks time). After that you just have to hope that their natural instincts to stay away from trouble etc will kick in. I personally think its just too unfair to keep cats in their whole lives, outside is their natural territory and just like the rest of us we all have to look after ourselves while we are out and about. cats are generally very good at this.

Best wishes Kate


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