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I have two male Tom cats at around 1yr old. One of the cats have started to bite the other on the back of the neck when hes trying to get food or getting attention from any of my family members. Also the same cat constantly meow's all night and some times in the day. I give them both the same attention although neither of them have been neutered. Do you have any idea why he is doing this?

there is a simple answer to this. you have two male tom cats full of male hormones who are going to start to behave more aggressively due to the whole hormone thing.

basically they are trying to gain dominance over each other and the crying is normal behaviour for a tom cat calling for mates.

the simple and best answer is to have both your cats neutered. they will be happier, less frustrated, less aggressive cats for it.

i have some pages about cat neutering which you may find of further interest. here is the first page


best wishes Kate


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