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I have read that when a cat is being too feisty with you and attacking you, you should "scruff" her, ( which is holding her down at the floor holding the back of her neck like her momcat would do.

I have been trying this but she only freaks out, meows constantly, and tried to struggle away. She just clawed me with her back paws a couple seconds ago. I am worried this is making my cat hate me or something because she runs away now when I move towards her once she has attacked.

She also tries to play with the clumps in her litter box even though we clean it every day. I have taken to pulling her out and putting her in the bathroom while I clean it, but then she freaks out and runs all over the place once it is gone. She looks like she is trying to get the clumps out and play with them on the floor, even though we have many balls for her to play with that jingle that she plays with, they do not distract her from her litter and neither does string or treats or anything.

This is my first pet and I love her very much but I am worried I am doing something wrong. I don't want her to be scared of me from my training.

the method of holding your cat by the scruff of the neck is not really to be used as a discipline method as it is intended for safe picking up when a cat is say stuck in a tree etc and they are scared etc. If done properly they should go limp, allowing for easy pick up. But as I say it should not be used in every day situations for picking up or discipline etc.

Basically you need to teach your kitten what is good and bad behaviour, after all your kitten does not know, they are just having fun. I have written a web page about cat discipline, it is designed to follow the natural ways a cat understands.Positive and negative responses, this is how they would learn from their mother.

If you can follow the process every time then eventually the kitten will learn what not to do. SO every time they play with the clumps in the litter box, pick her up (quietly and with no fuss) and remove her from the room, do this over and over again, they will eventually get the message. Don't worry if the kitten complains, this is fine, as long as you are constant and firm with your responses to negative behaviour.

here is my web page which explains more about the process.


best wishes Kate


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