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Hi :)
I have an 8 yr old female, Bebe, who I've had since she was a kitten.
This time last year, we adopted Nala, another female. She is little over a year old.
both are spayed and declawed.
To be frank, Bebe hates Nala. Absolutely despises her. Nala torments Bebe to no end, and it's gotten to the point where Bebe only comes inside to eat, and then wants right back out. If she even sees Nala, she growls and goes stiff and gets all..pissy. Lol. Nala really just wants to play with Bebe, but Bebe isn't having any part of that! and Nala doesn't seem to get the hint.
Nala is only indoors, because I'm afraid that if I let her out, Bebe will have NO safe place to be away from Nala.
Nala also gets into everything he shouldn't, makes messes out of everything, chew on things, and annoys us all. The only time she's sweet is when she's tired.
Now, my parents don't want another cat. no way, no how. but they know how Nala is upsetting everything in our house.. so I think I could convince them (if it's worth it). That's why I'm ask if adopting another cat, the same age as Nala, would end all of this? it would give Nala someone to relate to, and to play with, and hopefully the other cat would want to play just as much. Since they would be the same age, it wouldn't be like Nala trying to play with Bebe, who is NOT one for playing with little annoying brats. hehe.
If these two cats have each other to play with all day, they can go to each other when they're bored, and tire one another out. They have each other to just BE with, unlike Bebe, who is very independent.
Say I did get another cat...should it be a male or female? I'm thinking a third female would be a completely horrible idea, but I'm no expert.
I so appreciate your help!

quick answer is definitely no. getting another cat will more than likely add to your problems.

cats are naturally solitary animals who do not like to live in a packs like dogs. There instinct is to chase off other cats and they do not need other feline company to be happy.

the story you tell about your two female cats is absolutely typical. It is rare that two cats who have not grown up together from kittens would ever get along. Sometimes it is possible to get them to tolerate each other but not always.

My answer to you is that Nela is just being a one year old a cat who by the sounds of it was not socialised properly from birth. the first seven weeks of a cats life is known as the socilaisation period and this is where they need to be handles lots by lots of different people and to meet other animals. this gives them confidence for their whole life. But cats who do not get this will find it very hard to get along with other animals and may also have trouble with human contact too.

if I were you i would try and rehome nela to someone who is happy to keep her in (especially as she has been unfortunately declawed which means that she cannot defend herself outside) and who may be happy to try and socialise her over time. that way you can bring Bebe inside (again as they are declawed), bebe can lead a more relaxed and happy life with you their family without the fear or worry of another cat.

i had i female cat for 13 years and even though we wanted another cat we would not be so cruel to our cat as to introduce another cat into the home. She has since passed away and have now rehomed two brothers, who love each other.

You have done the right thing in seeking advice about this. i get so many questions from people who just think that getting another cat will solve a problem and all that happens is that things get worse, much worse in some cases.

I hope I have been able to help

best wishes Kate  


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