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My Scottish Fold has a habit of "mouthing" me. He doesn't bite too hard, but bites often. He also is very aggressive with my older female cat, who doesn't want to come in from the yard because of him. Are these behaviors normal?

Firstly if they have not been neutered /spayed then this would be the first step to take as often aggressive behaviour is caused by all the hormones running around their body.

Regarding the biting, this is learned behaviour and has to be trained out of them. you do this with positive / negative reactions. I.e when they bite remove your hand immediately and walk away from them not looking at them or making a sound, then when they play with you or are being nice you make lots of fuss and vocal sounds to therm. this way they learn which behaviour gets the best reaction. It can take some time and you do need to be persistent and constant with this training for it to work.

I have a web page about cat aggression which you may also be interested in reading here


best wishes Kate


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