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We got a new cat and the introduction to our other animals seemed to go well.  Now A day or so after introduction the new cat became aggressive toward the older male cat.  The new one is a male also.  Both are neutered.  The new cat was neutered just before we got him.  My old cat is scared and acting differently.  He has abandoned his favorite perch, lays under a bench most of the time and panics when ever we pick him up and he sees the new one. What can i do?  Does the new cat still have testosterone in his system.

I don't know how you introduced your pets to each other so it is difficult for me to comment on this. All i can say is that pet introduction needs to be done very slowly and calmly and over a period of a week of so. this allows the animals to build a level of confidence up.

Please see my web page about introducing animals to each other, it explains the process better.


best wishes Kate


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