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Dear Kate,
I have 2 cats, one is a 2 years old deaf domestic white cat, another one is a 3 years old American shorthair.  The American shorthair joined our family when he was 1.5 years old and he is sprayed. Both of them have no problem sharing a litter box, but occasionally, the American shorthair will poop beside the water bowl.  And after he eliminated, he will use his paw to scoop water out, sort of like trying to cover the feces.  At first, we thought maybe the litter box crystal is dirty and that's the sign of him telling us that he didn't like it.  But then, sometimes he will do that even the litter box crystals are newly changed! We have moved once since we got our cats and he has done so in both homes. He is an adorable cat,very cuddly,no temper,like an angel all the time. They are both indoor cats.
Have you come across cat behavior like this? Is there any solutions?

this is a common problem that I get asked about a lot. it is not easily explained and so i decided to write a web page about the issue to explain why this behaviour occurs. the page is at


In your case it may be a simple case that now and again your cat decided that he does not want to use the same litter tray as the other cat. this is common.

you could try having another litter tray to see if this helps or if the problem still persists take him through the litter training process mentioned on the web page.

best wishes Kate


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