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i have just got a kitten he/she (not sure ) is very young and his mum was a feral cat.He seems to be setteling in well , still a bit nervous , but the problem is he soils and wets his bed rather than use the litter . Do you know why this might be ?          Rosa

kittens usually learn how to use their litter tray by watching their mum or other cats. Because his mum was a feral she would not have used a litter tray and so he has no idea where to go. And because his bed smells of him he feels safe there and so uses it as his loo. they like to feel safe.

Basically you will have to teach him to use the litter tray,
It also depends on how young he is. Very young kittens will just go where they are and that is why putting them in a box with newspaper on the floor etc is good at first. But as I say you will have to teach him about the litter tray.

first thing in the morning after his breakfast take him to the litter tray put him in. Then show him how to dig in the litter. He should want to go then. You could also rub his tummy near his bottom to encourage him to go.

If you repeat the process several times a da he should over time learn that this is place to go. But you will have to be patient.

I have a web site with lost of information about kitten care etc which you may find of further interest. It is

best wishes Kate


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