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I have a new litter of 8 week old kittens (8) and they will not stop ddfecating outside their boxes. We have more than one box and clean it daily. Sometimes they will even go right outside the box and behind the television seems to be their favorite spot.  We have cleaned up the areas and steamcleaned the carpeting with stuff that's supposed to remove any odors that are left behind. Nothinbg I have tried will get them to stop any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

well usually kittens learn from their mum about litter use, I don't know if you still have the mum or not. It can take a little time for the kittens to get used to using a litter tray and there area few things to consider. firstly make sure the sides of the litter tray are not to high and secondly is the type of litter suitable for your kittens. Sometimes the feel of certain types of litter can be uncomfortable on sensitive little paws. I believe there is also a litter call ed kitten attract or cat attract which may also help.

You may also need to confine your kittens with their litter tray for a week or so to get them to become very familiar with it. perhaps a small pen where they can sleep and play and use the litter tray (feeding should be done elsewhere)

You certainly have your hands full with 8 little guys, it certainly can be a difficult time but worth it in the end.

i have some pages about kittens care if your interested

Also one about litter training

best wishes Kate


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