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Our kittens are now 4 wks old and very playfull. Mum is still feeding them but sometimes really bites them? At first it looks like play fighting but then i'm not so sure, is this normal?

don't worry this is normal and she is not really biting them. She may give them a nip now and again for discipline but most so called bites are just play and this is normal. As your kittens grow they will also start to play with each other and bite each other, but as I say it is play bites. My own two kittens roll around biting each others ears and legs etc and I think ouch but they are not actually biting hard and they do not cry out in pain.

So I wouldn't worry if I were you, she is either trying to get hold of them to carry them or is playing and teaching at the same time which is an important part of kittens development.

I have a web site all about cats and have a whole section about kittens etc which you may find of further interest here


best wishes kate


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