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I just got a new kitten from the shelter. He's about 12 or 13 weeks old and I'm trying my best to instill good habits while I can. However, he has been extremely pushy. He will shove his face up against anyone/anything when he wants attention and will constantly try to get human food. I have been trying to discipline him as far as his play biting goes and I have been scruffing him when he gets too demanding. This doesn't seem to be helping really. He still pushes just as much and I am worried that if I continue to scruff him every time he wants attention he won't be well socialized with people. How can I train him to not be quite as pushy (such as constantly rubbing his face against mine) without discouraging him from wanting human attention? I love when he curls up with me or lays on my shoulder but I don't want him to think he can demand to sit wherever he wants whenever he wants.

your right scruffing can be intimidating to a cat if done too often. It is far better to just pick them up and put them back on the floor. This has to be done over and over again, this is the only way a kitten will learn. Ie bad behaviour get a negative response, good behaviour a positive one.

i have a web page which goes through the whole negative / positive cat discipline process which you may find of further information here


i am currently having to do the same with my two new kittens. It can be frustrating but like all things worth doing it takes a lot of time and patience.
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