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Cats/6 month old male kitten gone missing


Hi for the past few days when I'd been letting my two kittens out (one male one female) I noticed quite a few tom cats hanging around the house and wailing. Both of my kittys seemed nervous about going out but went any way. Then all day yesterday whilst my male was in the house he started with strange meowing so eventually I let both kittys out noticing  the toms hanging around outside again. After a short while I called them back in only to find my female on the windowsill surrounded by 3 toms she dashed in but my male wasn't any where to be seen and hasn't been since. I keep calling him but no response but the tom cats appearing and hanging outside meowing as I'm keeping my female in the house. Now what's the chances that my male kitten has been scared off by these wailing toms? and what is the likely hood of him comming back in one piece and if he has been scared off where and how do I find him? Please help as I miss him so much. Thank you

you did not mention if your two kittens are neutered or not.
if not then I would strongly recommend that you have both of them done as soon as they are around 5 months old and not to let them out until then.

this way you will not risk the female becoming pregnant or terrorised by the male cats (why oh why have their owners not had them neutered, its so frustrating) and also it will prevent your male cat getting into too many territorial fights.

As for your male cat well if he is not neutered yet it is likely that he is out there prowling around exploring his territory. even if he is neutered he may still do this and not coming home for a few days is not unusual. i have even known some cats to be away for weeks. keep calling him, keep putting food out for him and put notes around your local area about him in case someone else has him thinking he is a stray etc.

Don't worry just yet, even with these toms around a cats instinct for home is usually very strong and once he has done exploring he should come home if he can.

I have a web page about the things to do when a cat goes missing which you may find of further interest here


I hope he returns home soon

best wishes kate


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