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I have two cats - one female Burmese and one male Bombay cats that have lived together in harmony for 9 years. Last September they started fighting and hissing at one another, and now the female cat is still hissing all the time at my male cat. I have been to the vet several times and have used Feliway but nothing has improved. They are both indoor cats, and used to sleep together all day, but now she spends her whole day under the kitchen table and only comes out when i am home. Do i have to separate them for good? I would be very sad to loose my female cat, but life is not good in our household just now. i have two small sons too, but they are aged 2 and 4, so nothing has really changed when the fighting started. Please help!

you can be assured that something must have happened to cause this change for your cats.

The behavior sounds like trauma aggression. this occurs when one cat becomes afraid of something, it could be anything, a loud noise, having there tail trod on, any at all which could possibly cause fear. then this fear can be transferred onto another cat or animal in the home, even though they may have had nothing to do with it. Strange i know but this is a quite a common problem.

Sometimes things settle down by themselves. in other situations the cats need some help. i would recommend going through the re introduction process. It does take some time and patience on your part but is worth it in the end has it helps to rebuild confidence.

the process is described here


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