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Hi Kate!  I just recently adopted the neatest 15 lb cat from our shelter.  He was found in a small pet carrier with two other cats at our small airport.  After getting a call from a volunteer friend, I had to go over and get him.

They estimate him, along with my vet, for him to be around 5 years old.  However, he is so playful.  I have 3 other cats that are pretty mellow compared to him.  (He is fine with my dog too.)  Bening so playful is the only problem I have with him.  When I have one of my cats go up the stairs to the second floor, he takes off after them like they are a wind-up toy.  Once they make it under my bed, he comes back downstairs all happy.  He doesn't get into a big fight with them, just massive playing.  Plus, he charges them if he sees them coming around the couch or things like that.

I try to play with him so I keep him tired, and this does work at times.  One of our cats is 14 years old, so this is too much for her.  I just love this cat and he is so neat.  I'm still surprised that someone would drop him off the way he did.  Another cat in the carrier was 18 lbs and that owner has been emailing me on a regular basis.  She said that he has been a cool cat too.

Any ideas on how to break him from this charging habit would be appreciated.  Thanks so much for your help.

I'm sorry to say the quick answer is no I really don't think you can stop a cat from playing like this. this is obviously a learned behavior from his previous life and to be honest is quite common fro a young cat. My own two do it all the time.

What normally happens is, either the other cat will play back or the other cat will try to walk away not interested and if continually pursued will give a warning to the other cat, saying hey, stop I'm not in the mood. gain this is normal cat behavior.

Also as you say that you have only recently adopted him, I would say that it is early days for him to find his place in the household and to know where the boundaries are with the other animals. he will learn naturally.

you are doing everything right by trying to keep him occupied and playing with him yourself, this will help him to settle in. I really wouldn't worry too much about your older cat, she will put him in his place if he over steps the mark. This should be allowed to happen, as this is the way he will learn.

I do hope he settles down soon

best wishes Kate


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