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Dear Kate,

I need some help regarding my white Persian cat. He is a beautiful 1 year male but very very bad. He bite 4 of my friends by now. He is not scratching. I have to say that he is neutered but its still bad. He is over protecting with me and my husband. No one can approach us. I dont know what should I do because we have a lot of friends who want to visit us but when they think at my cat they refuse to come. He is very scared of strangers and he attack them.

Is there any treatment for this anxiety status? I heard about Aggression Formula. It is good? Please help me.

Thank you in advance for your answer.  

when cats are afraid they will often react with aggression. i believe this is the problem with your cat, he is afraid of strangers.

Biting is also a learned behavior, i.e he has not learned that this is a bad thing to do, he is just reacting to his instincts when afraid.

there are two things you need to do, firstly when ever he bites you or anyone, the person needs to if possible stay as silent as possible and move away from him straight away without looking at him or saying anything. In fact if everyone moves away from him, this will be giving him the signal a negative signal, i.e he gets no reaction from you. this is a bad thing to a cat. Things like people making a noise or a fuss when he bites is seen by the cat as a positive.

Also advise all of your friends never to try to touch your cat, or even look at him directly in the eyes. If he feels threatened in any way he will react aggressively. If he wants to meet people he should be allowed to approach them first.

I have lots of pages on my web site which you may find helpful. i will list them here




best wishes Kate


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