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We have an indoor feral cat that is sick.  No temperature.  Just lays around.  Goes water bowl, but don't drink, but sets there for a long, long time.

Is not eating.  Isolatuded herslef for a day and half. She needs to be fixed, but haven't taken her in yet.  Do have a male cat, but he is fixed.

She was in heat about 3=4 weeks ago.  Generally she is with the other cates and doesn't isolate herself that much.

Lets us make over her to a certain extent.  Now we can pet her and pick her up and she doesn't try to get down or anything.  This is very unusal for her.

Do you have any suggestions to help her.  

Thank you for your time an consideration.  I hope that you eamil me since it is easier to get your response that way.

Don and Karen

well as it is only been for a few days it could simply be that she has a slight cold or virus which has laid her low. This is not unusual and should pass in a few days. It is important that she at leasts drinks to prevent dehydration.

if her symptoms persist then I would recommend taking her to a vet for a through examination.

let her have her time out, as too much fussing over her will only make her more agitated. Hopefully it is just a simple virus. My cats get these from time to time, i suppose we all do.

hope she is better soon

best wishes kate


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