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my cat pummels me only when im wearing my dressing gown or even when its just laid on the bed, i know this a comfort thing for him, but he gets 'excited' when he does it. he hasn't been done yet,so will that stop when he has been done? and he also follows me to the toilet and insists on staying in the bathroom with me when im having a bath, i don't mind, i love him, but am i missing something? i spend lots of time with him and give him lots of attention.

well I don't think anything particularly strange is happening here. Cats can be quirky and have all sorts of strange likes and dislikes non of which we mere humans have ever worked out why.

It could be that the dressing gown smells different or feels different or perhaps he just likes the dangly belt, I know my does.

It simply sounds like a cat who is very attached to you and enjoys your company so I wouldn't worry at all.

As to whether it will change once he is neutered, well difficult to say but this sounds to me more behavioral rather than territorial and so yes it may continue.

Best wishes Kate


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