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we have four cats. Diamond her two kittens sheba and shaba and my cat Fat boy. Diamond gets along with fatboy everynow and again. sheba gets along with fatboy, but is too scared to interact with him. Shaba will never go up to him and if he does he always hisses at fatboy. If the kittens come up to fatboy to fast he hisses and swips at them. I really want all of the cats to get along, but don't know how to do that. when they hiss i hit them on the but and in a firm voice say no or bad. it just doesn't help. i always make sure i keep fatboy calm by petting him and telling him it's okay and i try to stay calm because i was told that your animal picks up on your emotions or what not.and Diamond always meows different when they go near fatboy to try to get them away from him. she incourages them not to interact with him.

the simple answer is you can't. they are cats and have their own rules of engagement. It is normal for cats to behave this way, they are sorting out who is boss etc and should not be discouraged.

cats have their own social hierarchy and need to be able to sort out this for themselves. cats are not natural pack animals like dogs and so generally do not like to live in groups. So I'm afraid if they decide that they don't want to play with each other, there will be noting you can do to change this.

Sometimes the best you can hope for is a sort of truce where they just keep there distance but live ok with each other. Sorry, but this is just how it is.

best wishes Kate


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