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We have 2 cats and one dog.  One of our cats is the sock thief.  He will go downstairs and get socks and put them in the hallway. Sometimes there are 4-5 Why is that.
Our other cat is a quiet boy.  But usually twice a day he hill start to meow or howl quite loudly.  Why is that?

well the answer to the first question is that he is playing at hunting. In this case your socks are the prey and he is hiding them away so that no one else gets his prey. This is normal cat behavior. My old cat used to take all sorts of things. i once found a pile of, ear muffs, watches and socks.

As for your other cat, you do not say whether or not he is neutered. If not then he could be calling for a mate. If he is neutered that it is a learned behavior and if he gets attention when he does is why he continues to do this.

I have a web page about cat calls which you may find of further interest.


best wishes Kate


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