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Cats/help me plz we dont know wats wrong


hi Kate,
  my name is kelsea and i have a Maine coon cat that is a little older than 1yr.. well i had a friend spend the night and ever since Saturday when my friend came over my cat has started hissin and growling and wont stop we don't know what is wrong???? any advice??? and if we touch her and she wants touched she meows really loud when we touch her back or stomach?? also we wont even touch her and she starts growling and then endups hissin and wont stop??? we let her do whatever she wants to..we don't know if she sees something in the house or what? well plz respond thanks so much for what u can do..

often cats who are afraid react with aggression. So it sounds like something has upset your cat. it could simply be that someone new has come into your home and the smell of of them has worried your cat, this is not unusual.

i would give the whole house a good clean to remove any strange smells and also I would give your cat some space, allow them to be on their own. Also allow the cat to come to you rather than the other way round. i have a page about how to bond with a cat here


Give your cat some time and I'm sure they will settle down.

best wishes Kate


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