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my kitten Gizmo is currently 50 weeks old and a male longhaired ginger boy.  He is constantly eating and looks very large for a kitten,  He is a indoor cat and we feed him go cat indoor and kitten food.  the vets say he was 3kg a few months ago but he seems to be getting bigger and crying for food all the time.  is there anything wrong with him at all or anything we can do?


Can i suggest that you change the brand of food you are feeding him. Go cat contains a high percentage of ash which is used to bulk the food out but has little nutritional value. Go for a better quality brand if you can.

Also it could be that your cat is a breed which is larger. the Maine coon cat which is a long haired or semi long haired cat is much larger than normal cats. So it could just be that this is why he is larger.

Also cats can become greedy and will eat and eat and eat if allowed. Hopefully a better quality food will help to fill him up. Check the required amount of food for his age on the food you use and measure this out every day. if he eats a little more thats fine but any more than that and you could be storing upm weight and health probelms for him in the future.

The only other option is to check with your vet to see if he has any health problems which could cause him to be extra hungry but at his age i would say that this is unlikely.

best wishes Kate


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