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I got a new kitten about three days ago. He is a tiny little boy with lots of energy.His name is Gilbert(from whats eating Gilbert Grape) I have had my older cat shes about a year and a half old. Before we got Gilbert Ruby and I were best friends. We would sleep together eat together and do almost everything else together. I guess you can say we were joined at the hip. So a couple of days ago I brought home little Gilbert and he was so energetic and fun, Ruby is too but only plays ALLOT with me shes not that friendly of a cat. He came from a home with SEVENTEEN other cats and kittens so of course he wanted to play with her immediately. She would not have anything to do with him and hissed and growled whenever he walked by or came near her. We got mad at her for being mean to the new baby but after about a day we understood it wasn't her fault she was just being territorial. So now they are getting along better,they can NOW sit in the same room without clawing or hissing, he follows her every word she growls he walks away but I feel so bad cause he just wants to play with and love her. they use the same litter box and she waits for him outside the bathroom and doesn't let him leave, she does this almost anywhere in the house but the bathroom and my room are where it happens most.we are getting Ruby spayed tomorrow and declawed, I just want to know does it make it better that hes a male cat?  I know that because hes male theres no "competition" but is there a better chance of them getting along because hes male? what else should I do for them to get along better? how can I show Ruby that shes till my number one little girl and still make Gilbert feel at home and happy? I love the little guy and I just want to make this the best home he's ever had. How can I help them get along better? Please help. Thank you so much and I hope this new year is filled with happiness and joy for you and your family, and all your furry friends,

it is important that new pets are introduced to existing pets slowly. this allows them to build there confidence with each other without the fear of attack etc.

i have a web page which describes the introduction process. it is slow but it is worth it in the end. many other people have tried this method with success.

here is the [page


Take a look around my site for any other helpful cat care tips and ideas i have lots covering health , behavior and playing etc.

best wishes kate


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