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My cat has an obsession with litter boxes?
Is this territorial, behavioral, personality quirk?

I adopted a stray cat. He isn't fixed because I don't have the money right now.

But he has an obsession with litter boxes and dirt. He gets into potted plants and each and ever catbox in our house and will just play in the litter. Scratch it, dig in it, roll in it, kick it all over the floor, track it everywhere. He isn't happy until he is completely covered in litter or dirt. He does this outside as well.
He rolls in dirt and leaf litter until he is completely covered.

well some cats do like to dig more than others. One of my cats comes in dirty every day and i see him digging in the garden.

the other possibility is that some cats can be a bit obsessional about covering their waste. meaning they dig and dig and dig to try and cover it, often causing the faeces to go everywhere i find. I think this is just a quirk of the cat.

As you say if he is also rolling around in it then yes this could also be a territorial issue, as he is trying to make everything smell of him and so rolling around in the litter box may be hi attempt at spreading his scent. Again this is rather  a strange way of doing it but I wouldn't worry too much. Check his skin though to see if there are any marks in case their is a skin issue involved. Also the next time you visit the vets you may like to mention this to them as they may have come across this before.

best wishes Kate


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