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Hello, I'm having a little issue with our cats. We got biscuits, who is about 10 months old, about 6 months ago. she used to be very loving and cuddly, and would play with us forever! but we got another kitten in october, (her names lil kitty) because we thought biscuits may need a friend, since i'm gone a lot They played with each other at first, but lil kitty is very rough and biscuits hides from her now. She wont let us touch her or hold her either, when we lean down to pet her she shrinks her body down. I hoped this behavior would stop, but its been 2 months now and it hasnt stopped. any suggestions?

oh dear, this is a common mistake a lot of people make, thinking that getting a companion for their cat to prevent boredom. Unfortunately cats are mainly solitary animals and are not like dogs who are pack animlas.

Some cats are ok with other cats but this is usally only with their siblings or if they have been brought up with other cats from day one.

there is an introductuion process which can sometimes help the cats to at least get used to each other but they may never become firm friends and often will just keep to their own areas.

It sounds to me like your first cat is feeling very unsure and possibly a little anxious and their response to this is usally with aggression.

You could try the introduction process now, it does take some time and patience but can help the cats find their confidence with each other. the process is described here


It is also important that the cats have lots of things to keep them occupied as a sort of distraction. So perhaps some new toys or climbing things would be a good idea. introduce them slowly though. See my pages here for some ideas.



best wishes Kate


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