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Hi Kate. I have 5 cats, all rescues and they have lived with me for 5 years. I moved house 2 years ago and built a huge fenced off area of garden including areas of trees and shrubs for climbing/scratching, complete with heated indoor cattery including armchairs and sofas. I built this as we live near a road and lost one of them to a speeding car during the first week here. They are much loved and pampered and 3 of them often come into the house. They are all house trained and neutered (4 females, 1 male) but two of them have always sprayed a lot. They are brother and sister and were neutered about 6 years ago. I have tried lots of things, including Feliway, water pistols, cat repellant sprays to deter them from spraying in certain areas but nothing has worked. I'd love to bring them both into the house but can't unless there's a solution to their ponging...I had to take up all of the staircarpet and hallway floor coverings as I couldn't get rid of the smell. I have previously checked they are OK with the vet, no problems detected.I'd love some advice if you have any great ideas! Many thanks for your time, Jane

well it could be simply because there are 5 cats all living in close proximity. Cats use urine as you know as territory markers and if they feel that they have to constantly mark there territory they will. Some cats are more prone to this sort of behavior than others.

I'm not sure what to recommend here as your situation is rather different than normal.

All i think I can do is to ask you to read my pages about this problem and what to do about it. perhaps there will be something you can use to try and help the situation.

Here are my pages




Unfortunately it may be that you will have just have to try and keep these two cats outside all the time. But you could try the litter box training confinement method for a week in the home and then rub the cats down with a clean towel and transfer their scent around the house. Sometimes this is enough to settle the cats down.

best wishes Kate


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