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QUESTION: I have a 5 week old Siamese/Tabby and he seems to cry/whine alot. Is this normal and will continue into adulthood or will this ease up?

well yes this breed is generally more vocal than other cats, that is part of their charm in some peoples opinion. yes it is likely that this will continue into adult hood.

I have cats who never make a sound and other who cry or speak all the time. Its all down to their individual personality, life experience and breed.

best wishes Kate

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QUESTION: Yes I have a 6 month old Maine Coon that almost never meows so it is just surprising how much he meows. I also was wondering about one other thing. When My 5 week old Magic and my 6 month old Wicca play Magic always seems to be the one who starts aggression by trying to bite Wicca or scratch her. Wicca in defense either bats him away with her paw or puts her mouth around his neck (which is not always after he starts pawing her). When she does this he cry's loudly, but when I come to his rescue there are not bite marks or any broken this normal for Wicca to do this or should I worry she is going to hurt him?

this sounds like normal play to me. i have two cats who when they play can look as if they are biting each other etc and when one of the cats has enough they start to hiss or growl. this tells the other cat that they are fed up of the game or if the the game is getting too rough.

i wouldn't worry too much at all.

best wishes Kate


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