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My one year old male neutered cat cries anytime I am not around. If I go into the bedroom and close the door he cries outside of it, if he wanders around our house and forgets where I am, he cries. My husband told me that the cat does not cry when he goes into a room and shuts the door if I am not home. He has always done this, and he does have a kitty playmate and plenty of toys, I even get new ones every month. I don't reinforce the behavior either. I stay quiet and don't respond at all. Sometimes he'll leave after fifteen minutes, but if I am making any noise, like getting ready in the morning, he continues to cry until I become completely quiet. I try to only come out when he has stopped, but sometimes I don't have the time to wait for him to stop.  Is there anything I can do to get this behavior to stop?

Unfortunately some cats are more vocal than others. Also as you are probably aware some cats can be more clingy than other and they can use this crying behavior to get attention.

You are doing all the right things by not responding to the crying all the time and this is all you can really do.

i have a page about this sort of behavior which you may find of further information


best wishes Kate


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