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Cats/Schizophrenic Kitten?


Hi, we got our kitten from a friend when he was just 6 weeks
old. He was very very young we know, but we couldn't see him
go to a shelter when we could've given him a loving home.
Our friend was really good to them, and played and
interacted with them every day, so they are well adjusted to
We brought him home and he was lovely - the first few days
he was a little shaky but soon got to his feet and was
exploring constantly. Soon he started getting scratchy and
nippy but we assumed it was just excited kitten behaviour.
His pattern was: Sleep, Eat, Toilet, go mad for half an hour
and repeat. He was never aggressive as such, apart from his
playful nips.
However, he is now 14 weeks old and it is honestly almost
like schizophrenia. I can't explain it any better. He is the
loveliest, cuddliest, most affectionate cat when he's calm,
but takes seconds to turn into a howling, hissing, nasty
For example, yesterday he was lying on my stomach while I
watched TV, which is standard practice for him and he does
it every night. He stood up, as if to stretch, yowled really
loudly and leapt on my nose and bit it as hard as he could,
sinking his claws in too. He's drawn blood from me and my
partner too many times to count.
We're trying to be as patient as possible but it's like
living with a feral animal. It's not even tolerable
aggression - he really does hurt. He also goes to the toilet
on our bed, or even worse, us, when he's in this mood. We
were told by our vet that it was normal behaviour, and when
he acts aggressive to try affection, if he continues the
aggression to put him down and walk away. After a fortnight
of doing this and he's only getting worse, we're at a loss.
We don't want to get rid of him but I can't keep coming in
to work with cuts all over my face and neither can my
Could hormones be to blame? Surely it wouldn't affect him
this much.

Thankyou for your time, I hope to hear back from you soon!
Kindest Regards,
Charlotte Wilkinson

well cats can develop at different rates and at 14 weeks he will now be starting to move into adult hood and yes new hormones will be pumping around his system. My kittens were neutered at 4 months old, a little early but as I say some cats develop quicker than others. So it could well be that your kitten is moving into adulthood early. you may want to speak to your vet to see when they would consider having him neutered, perhaps you could have it done in a month or so's time. this will certainly help to calm him down.

unfortunately kittens can be rather pouncey and his behavior is all to do with play etc. i think what would be a good idea is to modify your interaction with him,. ie don't let him sit on your chest any more, never play with him using your hands or feet. Only ever play with him using toys and make sure he gets regularly play times with you.

Also when he does bite you etc you can start to train him that this is wrong. the method for this is discussed on this page


I also have a pages about some of the various types of cat toys available which help the cats develop their natural skills.


best wishes Kate


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