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Dear Kate , here I'm back with a new dilemma!

From last few months my cats have started to scratch themselves just too much. I am a pedigree-Persian-cat breeder so we basically always have so many of them. At first it was not that serious, then it started to deteriorate. Now each and everyone of them is scratching themselves too much. I mean , almost all the time. Every single minute. Adult cats , kittens, all of them.

At first we thought it could be mites or some parasites. I had my cats checked then by two different vets. They both said it was no mites or louse issue. It's actually about cat allergy. They both said there is something wrong with your cats environment or food. The environment has not changed that much, except their litter box that I have change. I am using Amax cat litter now. But I doubt if this is the problem hence it's a good cat litter and many other friends of mine are using it with totally no problem.

I personally think the problem is in the food I give to my cats. I give them boiled chicken , and trying to get rid of the terrible smell of boiled chicken I put an onion , and add an small spoon of Curcuma longa powder to the chicken too. Now ,  searching on net just today I realized that it was actually a mistake as onion can be toxic in cats and create allergies too.

Now , From tomorrow I am going to stop adding onion and Curcuma longa to their chicken. My question to you as an expert is , do you think this was the problem of so many of scratchings in my cats? They scratch their head and bite their tails like crazy, always. Can onion or Curcuma longa allergy in cats appear like this? Do you think that it will stop from tomorrow? What else do you recommend me to help my cats to get rid of scratching themselves? Do you think that Curcuma longa can cause allergy in cats too? Please help. All my adult cats and kittens are going crazy scratching themselves day and night.

Thank you a million times.
Sincerely , Soheil

Its funny but i am going through the same problem with my two cats at the moment. Its not a flea or parasite problem and we dont think it is ring worm either so it must be some form of allergy. the trouble is the only way to try and find the cause is to take away things to see if it changes so we have removed the plastic bowls they are feeding from and given them ceramic to see if that makes a difference as plastic bowls are often the cause of a reaction.

if this does not help we will try a different brand of food and see how this goes.

basically its all you can do and to try and remove things gradually which may be the culprit.

So you are doing all the right things you just have to keep at it.


Hope you find the cause soon as I know just how distressing it to see your cats scratching like mad.

best wishes KAte


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