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Cats/Why are my cats suddenly not getting along?


My cat just had babies a few days ago.Her other siblings (females) were raised together and used to get along fine.But after she became pregnant their attitude became hostile towards her.And now that she delivered they've gotten worse.Now when my other cats see her they start hissing,growling and trying to attack her.What caused this sudden change in behavior?

Cats are totally driven by instinct, scent and territory. relationships between siblings count for very little.

This change could simply be because your female cat may have started to smell or behave differently while she is pregnant and now she has the kittens.

If I were you i would separate them for a about a week to give your new mum time to bond with her new litter and to settle down to being a mum, then slowly reintroduce the other cats one at a time under supervision. gently gently does it as they say.

I dont know if your other cats are spayed or not but if not then this will be a constant source of tension for all the cats as they will become very territorial and in some cases aggressive.

I have some ages about cat spaying which you may find of further information


best wishes Kate


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