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hey i dont usually do this however nobody seems to care but me. i have a cat shes about 1 and a half she loves to play ang go outside but for the passed 4 days shes being staying inside and sleeping all day and all night. her eating has completely changes she usually eats a couple times a day but now i can barely get her to eat once and only dry food. she use to love milk now i cant seem 2 get her 2 drink any. im really worried but my parents seem to think shes only pregnant however her behaviour is completely changed. ps we also have another cat and they dont get really along with eachother they mostly ignore eachother. thanku so much  

first of all I need to let you know that you should not give your cat normal cows milk as they are unable to digest the lactose in it properly and this can give them upset tummies and cause diarrhea. You can buy special cat milk which has the lactose removed.

As for her current behavior, well it is difficult to say what is wrong, she may have just picked up a bug which has made her feel a little unwell and if this is the case it should pass in a few days.

if however she is still not eating properly after a week then your only option is to take her to the vets. being pregnant would not make her go off her food in fact it would be the opposite.

pregnant cats needs extra quality food to help them keep their strength up and be able to produce healthy kittens and look after them after wards.

Keep a close eye on her for another couple of days if she is still the same you will need to speak to your parents again and see if you can get them to take her to the vets.

I have lots of information on my site which you may find helpful


best wishes Kate


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