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For the past few weeks I've noticed a cat hanging around my yard (we have a
lot of chipmunks around, and I think she likes to hunt them. The suburbs I
live in are close a reservation). The other day, we decided to feed her a little
bit because she seemed very hungry. She became very trusting of us within
two days, approaching us to be petted and held, purring, pawing us, etc. She
is an extremely friendly and affectionate cat.
We're 99% sure she is a stray, as she has no collar and nobody around our
neighborhood owns a cat.

Is it strange that after only two days, this cat is in love with my whole family?
Is she in heat?

We're refraining from taking her to the vet yet, because it has only been a few
days. But she's been contently sleeping in the little basket we put on our
porch for her.

She sounds like a domesticated cat to me who has not been living the feral life for long.

It is possible that she could be in heat also but a feral cat would not let you get anywhere near this soon.

Your best bet is to take her to the vets to see if she is micro chipped and is lost. Also they will be able to check to see if she is neutered or is pregnant etc. It will be then up to you to decide whether or not you wish to become her new home. It sounds to me like she has chosen you anyway. :)

best wishes Kate


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