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My neighbor has a cat which chases my cat (outdoors) off our property. I came home from work today and found my cat cowering under my wife's car (but she wasn't home). The neighbors cannot control their cat- I have already talked to them. Please suggest a way to keep their cat away or to stop their cat from attacking mine.

Thank you.

short answer is you can;t and nor can your neighbors. Cats are essentially wild at heart and unlike dogs we dont have control over them.

The only thing is to make sure that both cats are neutered. If not then this is the first thing to get done as this eases tension.

I have two cats who are often chased and attacked by a local cat, but they work it out by running away, giving him a wide berth etc. This is normal cat behavior and as much as we might hate our cats being attacked etc, i really dont think there is anyway we can stop these natural instincts etc. sorry.

best wishes Kate


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