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hi my cat went missing 5 months ago he was just over 1 year old but the other day he came back after so long he is massive but he has gone again before i had chance to have him done why has he come back after so long just to go again

Un neutered tom cats are born wanderers and they may wander for many miles searching for mates and defending territory etc.

It is not unusual for these sorts of cats to have many homes where they know they can get food and so they go from one to the other and lead a very nomadic lifestyle. unfortunately it is not very good for their health and often have much shorter lives. Not to mention all the un wanted pregnancies they cause.

All you can do is to hope he comes back again and to make sure he does not get out again until you have him neutered. Then hopefully he will start to settle down and not wander off so often and for so long.

I have a page about all the health benefits etc of neutering for more information here


best wishes Kate


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