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Hi Kate, My 12 year old female tiger cat has what seems to be something either stuck in her mouth or throat; she keeps trying to free up whatever it is, by moving her mouth or occasionally wretching. We have examined her mouth and see nothing, and this is only occasional, for the most part she is fine, and eats and meows just like always. We did swith her (2 weeks ago)to a hair ball food, by advice from our Vet, ebcause of excessive hair in her stools. Thank You. Nick

does sound to me like she could have a hairball stuck down further in her throat. Sometimes it can take a week or so to shift it. There are medications you can get to try and help the situation and bring the fur ball up.

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Sometimes in rear cases the cat cannot shift it and a vet needs to carry out a procedure to remove the hair but this is rare. So keep an eye on her to make sure she does not get any worse or stops eating etc.

Sounds to me like you have a cat that will require lots of grooming from yourselves in the future to try and prevent these hairballs forming too often.

Hope she is is better soon

best wishes Kate


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