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HIya Kate,  I have two rescue cats whom are one year and five months (Maisie)/ one year and eight months old (Rosie).  Recently I adopted another rescue kitten of ten weeks old (Friskie).  I need advise on how to introduce them to each other. They have met at feeding time and although Rose has been okay she hisses if the kitten comes too near.  Maisie wont tolerate her prescence at all and wont come in the house unless she is sure she isnt around.  She is immediately hissing on sight of the Kitten.  

It has only been a few days since the kitten arrived and has been recenly separated from her mum - a few days before I picked her up.  She is very affectionate and is prone to try and chew on my earrings or watch !  She meows quite a bit and I either show her where her food is .  She seems to be asking me for it which I wonder whether she sees me as a surrogate mum.

Would like advise please on a feeding timetable/sleep for her as she does it but  not in great amounts even though it is only half the sachet given.  There is food and water out in her room which I have separate from the other cats.  The older cats tend to go out.  I know Maisie is really put out as she wont allow me to pet her if she can smell Friskie.

What cat food should I be buying in general for all of them cos the dont seem to like the Whiskas, felix brands or Tescos own.  I have been giving them real meat and tinned fish as a treat recently to reassure them.  Any suggestions or books you can recommend i read would be grateful.  I know there are several questions here !  Thanks in advance.



It is best to introduce your cats to each other in safe and controlled environment over a periods of a week. the process is described in more detail here


As for a feeding routine, well I recommned checking on the food  you are feeding for their daily amount and breaking that up into small portions to have throughout the day. At least 4 separate meals for the kitten. older cats need only two to three main meals a day.

Choosing what food to get can be tricky but i have found with my two that they only really liked the iams and the purina brands. But it is entirely up to your two cats as to what they like best. I onkly feed my two dried food.this helps to ensure they drink enough water too prevent urination problems which can occur in male cats.

But a mix of wet and dry is a good combination.

i wouldn't recommned feeding them only fresh fish or meat as this does not contain everything which will ensure good health in the cats. Also salt can be added to tinned fish and this is not good for cats.

I have pages about cat food and nutrition on my site also. here they are


I cannot recommned a cat book as most of them are good it all depends on what you are looking for. Check a few out at your book store to see which ones suit you best.

best wishes Kate


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