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My 2 year old kitty has started clawing at one arm of our
couch and I'm pretty sure he is doing it just to get
attention. He hasn't bothered the couch in many months and
then started up about two weeks ago. I think he is only
doing it when we are sitting on the couch because there
isn't any damage other than what I have seen him do lately.
He specifically looks at me while he is doing it and while
he might run after the first "NO" or water-spray, he comes
right back. This will go on until we distract him with
something else and he forgets. I think he almost sees the
"NO" and even the spraying as attention so it isn't permanently deterring him. He has a cat-tree and three
scratching contraptions so it's not like he NEEDS to claw
the couch. We do play with him a lot and I let him run
around in our backyard while I read and watch him for at
least an hour a day. He is a very social cat and so I could
maybe put him in time-out, but I'm not sure he is smart
enough to know what he is getting put in time-out FOR. Do
you have any suggestions to make him stop with the couch-
destroying-for-the-sake-of-my-attention? :)


Spray the corner arms with a strong smelling citrus scent this can often help to deter them.

Other than that all you can do is that when he starts to do it. Without making a sound pick him up away from the sofa put him back on the floor and walk away. this is a negative experience for him and after a time he will realize that this scratching does not get him any attention at all. As you know any other reaction from you is seen a s a positive reaction even when it s a No or a skirt. please see my page about this here


best wishes KAte


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