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Hi I wonder if you can help.

I have a 1 year old Male Cat and in the last few weeks he
has been showing some aggressive behaviour towards me. He is
fine 99% of the time then suddenly just turns he bit my hand
the other day and wouldnt let go until I shook him off. He
seems to be fine then will slowly move up to me and then
looks to pounce by either biting or clawing at me and also
making a low hissing type noise as he does it. It is now
becoming a rather annoying problem and I have no idea why he
is showing this behaviour. Any ideas or help would be great.

This is purely a game for your cat and is not sinister at all.  Often cat games involve pouncing and hunting it in part of their instinct. the trick is to make sure that he knows that this biting you is not acceptable.

To do this you need to teach him that when he bites he gets a negative reaction and a negative reaction to a cat is being ignored etc. Please see this page for more on this technique


Give him other toys to play with and praise him when he plays properly but as soon as he starts on your hand you need to walk away.

best wishes Kate


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