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Greese Has 10 Days left to have her newborns and i don't know if she will make it to 10 days do you think she will have them before?
and she has been sleeping a lot,not eating,purring non-stop,drinking lots of water. and i don't see no contractions yet and no labor signs either she has been nesting but won't get into her basket/crate and also her male cat friends have been inside the house and have been going into her crate and she doesn't like to go in. she is a feral cat.

You sound very anxious about your cats pregnancy. I am not sure why you are so worried.

Just like any pregnancy it can have its problem but in 99% or cases all will go well and mother nature will take over. also your cat even if she is a first time mother will have some instinct about this and she will decide where and when she will have her kittens. they dont always choose the samke place that we think they should. let her make all the decisions.

All you need to do at this time is to keep an eye on her but not to interfere to much at all. Make sure she is getting top quality food so that she will be strong enough to look after her kittens and just be there for her for some comfort and reassurance.

i have some pages on my web site which you may find of further help



best wishes and try not to worry too much.

best wishes KAte


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