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Hello Kate,
I recently asked a Vet on this website, her name is Jessica, about red marks that I've noticed on my cats belly and she replied with many possibilities, one of which concerns me a lot, however, I can not ask a follow up question as she is on vacation.
Jessica said that it isn't impossible that the red markings on her belly could be from a change in the household dynamics and that she could be inflicting them herself.
I am worried because there has been a change and my cat is acting differently than usual. I have two cats. One of them recently went missing. I have been searching for it. My cat has been meowing more than usual. She Meows to get inside the house, and then after we let her out straight away she meows a lot to get back in. She seems very depressed. No one knows what she wants half the time. She would never meow when we the other cat was here. The cat that went missing did all the meowing. My mum also told me that cat would meow not for food, but for my mum to follow her some place, just before she disappeared.
We had a dog here for three days. It was a six months old husky. It left to a new home. My cat disappeared more than a week after we re-homed the dog. Also, my neighbours who moved in this year bought a small puppy, which is about four months old now. The cat that disappeared is a very shy and frightened. Could she have run away due to their presence? Or could she have gone away because she is in heat. (It is Summer and mating season in Australia, and she is not de-sexed) Could my other cat be getting these red marks as a result of my other cat disappearing and/or of the presence of dogs? (My cat that disappeared, her name is Biuoda, she disappeared for over a day and my brother, who didnít know that she was missing, saw her the next day at 5 am in the morning. She ran away from him and hasnít turned up. So I know that my catís disappearance has nothing to do with something happening to her). As for the remaining cat (her nameís Naca). She seems a bit more playful then she used to be. She is also de sexed and could possibly be pregnant now. I donít think that this is the problem because sheís been pregnant and given birth many times. I will be taking her to the Vet next week. Please, if you have anything you can tell me, please do. Do you know how I can tell if the dog is responsible for their disappearance, and if the dog is to be given away, would my missing cat then return and will my other cat go back to her normal behaviour?
Thank you

It is quite possible that your cat may be feeling anxious about recent changes and is over grooming.

Often this behavior will settle down once things in the house return to normal or at least time passes and he becomes less anxious.

however if he continues to be anxious then their are a few things you can try. there are some medications and or sprays which are designed to help calm your at down


Also you can try to distract him from his worries with new toys and playtimes on a regular basis. this can often help relax a cat and settle them down again after a difficult time. cat need a lot of mental stim,ualtion to keep them happy especially when things change around their home

best wishes Kate


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