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I have a 1yr old siamese female and last month bought a male ragdoll 8 wk old
kitten. At first she hated they play together all the time. One thing
is that, recently, whenever he is sleeping whether on me or in his little bed or
on the couch, she squeezes on top of him and sleeps..or at least pretends to
sleep. Not sure if she's trying to show her ownership on me or the bed, but she
will squeeze onto where he is, and lay right on top of him. At first it was
cute, now I'm def. thinking there is something else going on with that behavior.
5 min ago I had the kitten sleeping on my chest and she had to squeeze under my
neck and lay right on him!! What does this mean..She is also the type that will
lick me then bite me.

Sounds to me like a possessive issue. Ie he is trying to assert his place in the home and make sure he is top cat. there is nothing sinister going even when he sleeps on top of the kitten its purely a territorial top cat situation.

I had two brother kittens who would sleep on top of each other until in the end one of them became top cat, this is normal behavior and should ease in the future once the male kitten is neutered and the two cats have got used to each other.

As for the licking biting issue that is a learned behavior. The cats does it because they have always done it and have not learned any different. he may think it is part of a game and because he has not learned otherwise will continue to do it. You should try to dissuade him from this behavior by using the negative positive reaction technique described on this page


best wishes Kate


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