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So I had a friend move in with me about 6 months ago! I had a dog and she brought her cat! They got along great, they sniffed each other were fine. They both sleep on my bed, they seem to enjoy each others company. Because of the holiday and I will be working so much I took the dog home to my mom for a. Week so he gets the attention he needs. While being here with out the dog the cat had been acting extremely strange, growling, twitching, meowing,hissing, only ate a few cat treats no food, digging on the floor infront of her litter box(has not done that since she was a kitten) and very unsociable (always on one of our laps) we are worried something is wrong with her or could it be possible she misses Oliver the dog! Confused and don't want to over look something that could be more serious! Thank you

well it is quite possible that the change of the dog not being around has upset the cat but her behavior is not what i would expect.

Check that she does not have fleas or some other parasite problem as she may be feeling a little stressed due to this and this can make their behavior different.

It really is a difficult one to advise further on as it may be coincidence that her behavior change has occurred at the same time as the dog leaving but i would not want to rule out that something else is causing her some distress.

If it were me and i thought her behavior was severe or different enough for it to be more than simply caused by the change in situation i would get her to see the vet before Christmas just to put my mind at rest at the very least.

Hope she is back to her usual self soon

best wishes Kate


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